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At the tender age of 25 Dave started skateboarding. 14 months later he became the first person to skate the length of Britain. Another 8 months on he had crossed Australia on his board, breaking a world record & raising over £20,000 for three charities. Now, at 27, he's writing his first book, is a motivational speaker and a businessman, and he's only just gotten started on a lifetime of challenges which from the outside look just darn crazy. So, why? You know the answer, don't you. Why not?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Here comes the downpour

Ok, no training run today. Had a rest, it was peeing down and frankly there was so much happening I couldn't leave the house. I can train in May, hah!

Quickly before I forget, here's yesterday's stats from the morning run...sponsored by Garmin!
Miles travelled: 10.5
Moving Time: 58 mins 41 seconds
Maximum Speed: 15.6mph
Moving Average: 10.7mph

Right, this morning I got a call from my Kate saying "Dave, I've just had a text from my friend Kat, you've got a big article in the Metro!" Cheeky blighters didn't mention that BoardFree was for charity, or that existed, but a fair few people saw it and the Extreme Sports Channel did, so it looks like we'll get some more coverage through them.

That's how the day started. A BBC TV interview with my friend Arthur Hendey was cancelled due to rain, old Arth was scheduled to skate the Sail Bridge in Swansea in full view of the cameras, but I'm not having him slipping about on a damp board, so we'll wait until tomorrow.

Then, as time drew on, I updated the website with some special things, received the first cash donation through the site from Octane Sport, who then proceeded to solve my worries by sponsoring the bearings for BFUK. Woo hoo, we're rolling!

Another sponsor in the form of came along in the late morning. They're going to give us some toys so we can do some reviews of their products in the unusual play pen of the Australian outback. Should get some kangaroos onto their site.

And then, to top it all off, a phone call at half four from Capital Gold. "Hi Dave, we heard about your skating journey earlier and want to interview you live!" Twenty minutes later, shaking, I went on air and stuttered my way through it. Luckily, as it wasn't brilliant, I'd mistakenly told everyone that it was Capital Radio, not Capital Gold. They want to put a link on their website and get regular on the road updates as I skate the UK. Back of the Net!

It has been an amazing couple of weeks for BoardFree. My closest friends have been on my back about nutritional plans and the sheer physical toll these journeys are going to take on my body. But you know what, I can walk, I can run, I can skate. Not everyone can. So I'm going to do it for people who aren't as lucky as me. And I don't care what they say, sometimes I'll eat a burger on the way :-)


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